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 The Council

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Hazzel Calyx

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PostSubject: The Council   Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:47 am

The Council

The Council consists of adolescents and older members who have been chosen as to support their opinions in political affairs, situations and assisting in controlling Shadow World. With this rank, comes great responsibilities.

A member in this rank must do a number of tasks:

    Moderate around the forums
    Assist members in need of help
    Control gossip
    Keep people/wolves in line

Meanings of these tasks:

The Administrators have gone through the process of selecting and granting you with the task of moderation. With it, you are in control of the forums. You are able to do the following: move, lock, delete forum topics in certain assigned forums. Your task with this is so that the forum stays organized and not jumbled or messy.
To moderate(In case you don't know how) you simply go to a forum, let's say...For example the Contests/Polls forum has some old topics that need to be removed from the forum and put into locked topics. Follow the given steps below.

    1. First go to the bottom of the page where you'll see the "users viewing this forum"

    2. If you look carefully, you will see a link which says, "Moderate this forum". Click it.

    3. Doing step two will bring you to the moderation panel. You'll see the topics listed.

    4. On the right hand side of the screen there will be small boxes of which you can check mark. Check the ones which need to be moved.

    5. Once they are marked, click the move button at the bottom of your screen. The selection shouldn't be easy to miss.

    6. Select the correct forum of which the topic goes in by clicking the scroll down which lists the forums. Be sure to put the moved topic, in this case, in "Locked Topics"!

    7. Your done!

Assisting members is a vital part of the job description!:

New members will be joining us!It is the Councils job to assist them if they need any help with things such as navigating the site, creating their biography, or getting started with their training. You must be and are required to know how to do such things yourself!

No pack likes Drama. Let's keep a well known and civilized pack!:

The Council members see to it that members are causing too much drama. We want our members here to have a splendid time which is adventurous and exciting where the fun never ends!The Council members are not only mods around the forums, but in the chat box as well. Members talk there and we would love to see fun and entertaining conversations without the downfall of drama.

In RP, there is no telling where the rules lie...

In the RP, Council members reside in the Accords hall. This is where they make the rules, decisions and all else in the pack. They are responsible to keep the members under the rules and not over them.

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The Council
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