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 Main Rules

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Hazzel Calyx

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PostSubject: Main Rules   Wed May 08, 2013 7:36 pm

These rules are to be followed both in chat box and RP as around the rest of the forums!

Inappropriate language is not allowed here! We expect all members to keep a verbal safe environment so that members may enjoy their time here. Any use of the language may result in a warning for a first time, a kick for a week a second time, and a ban for the third.


Moderation is for those who have the power to moderate the forums. Please be sure to know that if you are not a moderator, you do not moderate the forums. Doing so may result in a warning. Leaving Modding to the moderators!

Please do not double post. This means posting one post after another by the same author. You may edit your posts by using the edit button at the top right of your post message to do so. If you accidentally post twice, please contact a moderator to delete the post for you.

Each post should contain 100 words per post Minimum. We say 100 because it keeps the RP more interesting and less dull. A detailed post keeps the next posters mind in creativity to post. If your post is shorter, you will be reminded gently to post the correct amount on next reply.

Everyone has a story they tell in the chat box. However, sometimes ones opinion can lead to dramatic affairs. In some cases, it may anger members and we do not want this. As such, we wish to limit the amount of drama but still have fun conversations at the same time. Please try to respect peoples opinions even if you do not agree with them.

Posting pictures in Chatbox
Tumblr seems to be a big shot around the internet lately. People post pictures and such for the fun of laughs and entertainment. On another part, it makes the chatbox slow for some users. We ask that you limit the use of images in the chatbox. This does not mean to not post them, it just means don't post so many at one time. Additionally, if you do post pictures in chatbox, please make sure it is appropriate!
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Main Rules
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