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 Two Characters

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Hazzel Calyx

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PostSubject: Two Characters   Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:30 pm

Two characters is the exciting part of this pack. You have two characters in a number of combinations; Wolf and Human, Wolf and wolf. If you are going to have two characters, please make sure that both will be active.

The first of of two characters is Wolf and Human(Shadowhunter). Now, these two are to become a bonded pair of which the wolf and Shadow hunter are Soul Partners. You may either have your two character as partners, or you may choose another members character provided they agree to be you Soul partner. Once you choose your soul Partner, it cannot be undone unless you have 200 Runes to pay it off.
The other way is two wolf characters. By having two wolf character, you may have the opportunity to choose two human characters of other member(They must agree to be your partners).
Having two characters is OPTIONAL as well as having a soul partner. We think of soul partners as the Wolf or humans back up. Two characters brings in two the fun!
You are able to kill off a character in RP if you wish to decide on having one of your characters as a lone Warrior but it will cost 200 Runes.
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Two Characters
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