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 Before Starting RP you must do...

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Hazzel Calyx

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PostSubject: Before Starting RP you must do...   Sun Apr 28, 2013 3:39 am

Before starting RP, there are a few things you must and are required to do first. Once these things have been done, then you may RP!

1. Edit your profile so that it is up to date. Things such as Species, character gender, and such should be filled out accordingly so that we may keep our own information up to date on the pack thread as well as you characters status in general.

2. Read the "General Info" and "Volumes" forums. The General Info forum contains information that is quite valuable to you if you are not familiar to this packs theme. The Volumes consist of import things such a how to make your biography for both Human and Wolf characters. Be sure to read them!

3. Once you have done step "1" you may create your characters biography. The guides to this are found in this very forum you are in now. Be sure that the form you fill out is the correct one!Once your bio is done, it must be accepted by one of the Clave Leaders. Afterwards, you are freely able to edit the info in your biography EXCEPT your characters appearance. You will need Clave Leader permission to do so.

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Before Starting RP you must do...
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